The Luxury Shop of Cool! Love, live & shop… b[u]y STYLEJUNKY


The magic formula: Luxury. All that counts: Style. 

High, higher, the sky is the limit… reaching for the stars on the never-ending search for the ultimate, the true essence of beauty. The reinvention of luxury is called STYLEJUNKY! Just one rule: no rules! Luxury lifestyle without boundaries! Each piece a true statement!

STYLEJUNKY seek, collect and shape cool and rare pieces, meld finest materials with exquisite ingredients: art, fashion, photography, design, interiors – a finely curated lifestyle collection at its very best; extraordinary, exclusive, extremely hot! And sexy!

We love, drink, breathe it; we live it: the purest and most truthful sense of aesthetics. Artists, day-dreamers, style-junkies… addicted to style that remains when ephemeral fashion trends have faded. Fashion curators; keepers of lost treasures, assembled especially for you on the far side of trivia and mainstream. 

STYLEJUNKY is the platform dedicated to true luxury, sometimes rebellious, yet elegant, at times bold, yet understated – love, lust, life… sex, always with a twinkle in the eye and the unmistakable sense of beauty.

Made by mavericks, for the pleasure of nonconformists. STYLEJUNKY.

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